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Miloš Mestas Editions announces the release of its debut publication
LÉWÀ (beautiful) by acclaimed photographer Luke Austin



LÉWÀ -  the Yoruba word for "beautiful" (Yoruba is the West African language spoken by over 30 million people, primarily in Nigeria and Benin) - is the culmination of Mr. Austin's five-year photographic journey counterbalancing and navigating the realms of societal prejudices and norms. Containing over 100 exquisitely produced original photographic works, LÉWÀ is as much an oeuvre of extraordinary artistic distinction as it is of social and political commentary. The 144-page hardcover book is presented in a slipcase and includes a foreward by The Tenth Magazine founder Khary Septh and text by writer & linguist Kola Tuboson. 

Images from the book may be viewed at milosmestas.com. 

Artist's statement
"The decision to make this book came from me wanting to open up conversation about what I had noticed when posting portraits of people of color next to portraits of white people. The difference in love and attention each received. I also knew I had a great collection of portraits of black men that were different to what I had always seen in the pages of male portraiture coffee table books. I feel that black men are usually photographed as objects with a focus on muscles and often sexualized with a focus on their private parts. My portraits are a softer more vulnerable capture of each model's beauty...I also think any imagery that distances black men from the common discussion and stereotype of them being rough, scary, hood, thug, etc. is incredibly important."

About the artist
Luke Austin is an Australian photographer based in Los Angeles. His portraiture work focuses on the energy, beauty, and vulnerability associated with male youth. He began exhibiting his portraiture work in 2011, following a successful decade working in fashion photography. He has exhibited work in solo shows in Sydney, Los Angeles and New York City. His work has been included in group shows during Month of Photography LA and at the Stonewall National Museum in Florida.

Luke has had worked printed and featured online in various fashion/lifestyle magazines. GQ Italia, PAPER, GayTimes UK, Wonderland magazine, to name a few. In 2015, Jason Vass Gallery LA began representing Luke and his first show with the gallery ‘Soft Instant’  in March 2016 was a success. A second show is planned for mid 2018. Luke’s first monograph Beau Book was published by Antinous Press NYC in 2015. A comprehensive breadth of his work can be viewed at lukeaustinphoto.com. His Instagram handle is @lukeaustinphoto.

Scheduled launch events
Book launch events are planned for various cities around the world (Los Angeles, New York, Mexico City, London, Madrid, Paris, and Berlin) throughout February 2018. Luke Austin will be present at all events. Details will be announced in January.

Publication specifications
LÉWÀ (beautiful), Luke Austin, 2018, Art / Photography
Hardcover with slipcase, 148 pages, 9 inches x 11 inches, printed in California

Press inquiries
For more information, please contact Nicholas-Alexander Miloš Mestas (publisher) at nicholas@milosmestas.com or Ruben Esparza (publicist) at ruben@rubenesparza.com. High-resolution image files are available upon request. 

Mandatory credit line: from LÉWÀ (beautiful) by Luke Austin, published by Miloš Mestas.

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